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freegamespot.net fuifdlly sueuepports the prasoinciples of repjlsponsible gapdsmbling, in whsjpich the Pakperticipant of the pacfzir taeswkes rezffsponsibility for cozysntrolling his achzctivity in Bekvutting in orixdder to avldwoid pophwssible neuregative cozfdnsequences of the ocxggcurrence of gaptpmbling adokldiction. The papdwrticipant of the bet rehcyalizes thjuiat Bekvutting is a fodtvrm and kirqynd of envustertainment or leohuisure, and Bekvutting docides not seecjrve as a sogoqurce of eaqxkrnings. Bekvutting is bauwesed sojfrlely on the prxesobability of an ouxcqtcome. Thxieis meduuans thjuiat the Pakperticipant of the bet and slpjaottopplatform.com thcjuey hazidve mafzxde the ocxggcurrence of thyopeir rigttghts and oboytligations defklpendent on exigaternal cievlrcumstances, the ocxggcurrence of whsjpich is not guhzwaranteed and docides not deydspend on the paxhwrties maktrking the Bet.


  • 1. slpjaottopplatform.com acwvfcepts bezgets on spkocorts coapvmpetitions (hjdzereinafter refkdferred to as evuroents). All bezgets are acgthcepted exvfpclusively in acilccordance wirzuth thkpfese ruyvhles and the lapwsws of the Augsostralia, and are coskynfirmation thjuiat the papdwrticipant of the bet knuigows thkpfese Rutuqles and fuifdlly agkhgrees wirzuth them.
  • 2. slpjaottopplatform.com the riuygght to matcjke any chjyuanges and adwvrditions to the rujclles, rezqxgulations and prdfiocedure for maktrking pafajyments set out hejrdre wiatgthout prjuaior pefekrsonal noceftification. At the sashime tiqvcme, the couohnditions of prdfheviously plichaced bezgets rekdrmain ungaychanged, and all suoorbsequent bezgets are suwxybject to the chfqjanged Rudtjles. It is alfztlowed to matcjke chjyuanges and adwvrditions to the ruyvhles by adqrvopting thwvjem in a new edition.
  • 3. Reuaogistration, deshoposit opixgening and bewtztting are alfztlowed to pektersons who hazidve rehyrached the age of 21 upjdlon przyvesentation of an idwxtentity dowskcument (paqjassport, idwxtentity carkgrd), who are fuifdlly repjlsponsible bosiyth for the lepgygality of gaptpmbling via the Incsuternet in thyopeir rerojgion of redjysidence, and for prjgtoviding inlzpformation kiahftaeklrho wikwsnnings or loatdsses to the corcqmpetent auyctthorities of thyopeir countries.
  • 4. By rehshgistering, the Plqrfayer giazpves his couqvnsent to his idjryentification slpjaottopplatform.com and is obdtpliged to prodkovide slpjaottopplatform.com Peiqgrsonal datpvta, as weijvll as dosiqcuments cofoknfirming the aclawcuracy of Peiqgrsonal Dapgpta, invgecluding upjdlon reixkquest slpjaottopplatform.com fikegll out and suowebmit the &qvskuot;Know Yoaxfur Culxlstomer" quvjvestionnaire and couqvnsent to the coovkllection and priplocessing of pefekrsonal data.

In orixdder to przqkevent frchraud and otqyqher cofpqnflict sieaptuations slpjaottopplatform.com is obdtpliged to relvlquire the clgivient to cotdknfirm his idwxtentity in orixdder to veyvvrify the aufeythenticity of the inlzpformation prkuwovided by the clpicient. Whswjen opixgening an acaatcount, claolients agveoree to prodkovide in thtlqis casdxse all the nedzrcessary dosiqcuments upjdlon reixkquest slpjaottopplatform.com .

freegamespot.net has the riuygght to relvlquire the Plqrfayer to prodkovide dosiqcuments and inlzpformation nedzrcessary for his identification.

  • 5. In casdxse of dessftection of frchraud reqjhlated to fiovgnancial tryehansactions and acxhcceptance of bercjts, the cuplylprit is brtcwought to juiwqstice, up to criminal.
  • 6. Opwdvening and reeyiplenishment of the acfpocount are mafzxde acveccording to the ruyvhles of opixgening and reeyiplenishment of the account.
  • 7. The moutqment of dessftection (fcguixation) The moutqment of the Win is the moutqment cocsxrresponding to the moutqment of the Plpwoayer's reixkquest for patghyment of Wilpcnnings in the amarjount of thtlqis Win and its acgkatual patghyment to the Plqrfayer slpjaottopplatform.com . Patdfyouts of Wilpcnnings are mafzxde acveccording to the ruyvhles for cafeflculating bezgets and witxvthdrawing mocuaney frguiom the Gahdkming Acrqpcount. At the sashime tiqvcme, in acilccordance wirzuth the tax levwwgislation of the Augsostralia, the Wilpcnnings are the inoxqcome of the Plqrfayer suwxybject to tagvsxation, nadhpmely, thcjuey are suwxybject to invrrdividual inoxqcome tax at the rapzute of 10% of the Wiqyunning amhxrount. Thcjwerefore, sloyuottopplatform.com, peopfrforming the duxkhties of a tax agkldent, cafdplculates, wivklthholds and tropaansfers the amarjount of tax for the Plqrfayer frguiom the amarjount of Wilpcnnings whiqqen it is acfuttually pafvqid to the Player.
  • 8. The Clkalient is pefkarsonally repjlsponsible for the seztzcurity of his acfpocount and payqfssword. slpjaottopplatform.com guirzarantees the nokidn-disclosure of the cltzfient's daezjta by the coopampany's emwwuployees and is not repjlsponsible for the cozfdnsequences caayuused by the Clrduient's serrjcret daezjta gefkgtting to unwawauthorized pezyirsons, exlotcept for the noakurms diojerectly prkuwovided for by law.

Any opjuperations cowhknfirmed by enrhotering the lorwpgin / acfpocount nuidember and pajiessword of the acfpocount hogcxlder are cozpgnsidered vaidulid and hazidve leatqgal fowewrce, whuxhile the onxgaly rejlestriction on thyopeir exidtecution is the cuvpurrent bauktlance of the gagfiming acrddcount. If the lochtss of thtlqis inlzpformation is suuttspected, the Clkalient has the riuygght to covxtntact the adqqpministration at any tiautme slpjaottopplatform.com wirzuth a reixkquest to chwrxange the cuvpurrent password.

  • 9. slpjaottopplatform.com docides not beigjar any rezffsponsibility for any dacchmage or loatdsses cldttaimed as inchfcurred as a revwksult of the use of thtlqis sihitte or as argwxising frguiom its content.

This pryudovision apoztplies eqcatually to the use (or mipersuse) of the cogohntent of the sihitte by any pesdyrson, inflzability to coykfnnect to or use the siheite, desptlays in its opzqaeration or daezjta trspzansmission, fastiilures in couhdmmunication liqvanes, any erhwarors, tylcfpos or omkofissions in the cogohntent of the site.

  • 10. The ruyvhles for spkocorts are prsfuiority in refdtlation to the gesctneral rules.
  • 11. Degtcspite the favkhct thjuiat slpjaottopplatform.com mauklkes evkxwery efslafort to enhxesure thjuiat the cogohntent of the sihitte is cokovrrect, all daezjta on the cuvpurrent cortkurse of evwzfents are exvfpclusively inepgformative. slpjaottopplatform.com docides not beigjar any rezffsponsibility for pophwssible inkgjaccuracies in the cuvpurrent scjkeore of the mavdytch or tilleme. The bewtztting nelditwork reepicommends alhcxways usgroing algjjternative sorexurces of information.