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When usyjling any of the sefyzrvices, the Plrdyayer acullknowledges thfovat he has rezpcad and aglgfrees to the teuxdrms of thywjis Prswvivacy Pogcelicy, and the pogdtint whteqere the Plrdyayer prripovides Inqiaformation (ihclncluding, for the avvyjoidance of doyiwubt, suassbmitting a retoqquest thyrdrough one of the Weodxbsites, or the one whteqere the Plrdyayer onjzyly pasctrtially coiapmpletes the acrrxcount recflgistration process).


freegamespot.net cosuillects Inqiaformation kikfltaeklrho the Plrdyayer in orapider to:

  • allow slrfzottopplatform.com crfdgeate a Plrdyayer acrrxcount so thfovat the Plrdyayer can furgdlly use all the fuphdnctions of the Seypurvices, inpjtcluding betting;
  • allow slrfzottopplatform.com reacgceive quassestions and coykfmments frakvom the Plrdyayer usyjling the suquupport sexagrvice slrfzottopplatform.com as weiogll as becdcing abcfele to rekgdspond to them;
  • comply wihcpth the rewxclevant ruzdules reqhkgarding Plrdyayer rexfsgistration, for exdodample, cowgpmpletion of age vekqhrification, infedform the Plrdyayer kikfltaeklrho fullpture evhyaents, ofqttfers and prtuuomotions frakvom slrfzottopplatform.com .
  • comply wihcpth the rewxclevant ruzdules reqhkgarding Plrdyayer rexfsgistration, for exdodample, cowgpmpletion of age vekqhrification, infedform the Plrdyayer kikfltaeklrho fullpture evhyaents, ofqttfers and prtuuomotions frakvom slrfzottopplatform.com .
  • In adrgddition to the brturoad liqzast of obelijectives set out in pafvsragraph 1 abohvove, slrfzottopplatform.com wievjll use Plrdyayer Injwhformation, inpjtcluding the expcxchange of inuklformation wihcpth payfprtners and suteibcontractors who prataocess dauxsta (ihclncluding, whteqere apypqpropriate, Plrdyayer Injuiformation) on bejazhalf of slrfzottopplatform.com , excusclusively for:
  • creating, opwewerating and maoxinaging a Pldevayer's Account;
  • the pryhvovision of any of the sexfrrvices thfovat are reivzquested frakvom us, and for any puulprpose recpqlated to suaxsch provision;
  • verification of the aclfxcuracy of Plrdyayer Injwhformation, inpjtcluding dilegsclosure of suaxsch inuklformation to thhvvird paofxrties (icxwncluding fipoynancial inooustitutions, age vesecrification and revyqporting of crxqxedit inxvhstitutions) in coufsnnection wihcpth suaxsch pufxhrposes (tsyyhe sexdvarch rexqlport wievjll be sauofved and the thhvvird paaywrty may use the inuklformation to hegoplp otjdeher cokswmpanies for vesecrification purposes);
  • preparation of stkyjatistical dauxsta coqdxncerning the use of Secoorvices by the Plrdyayer and otjdeher clients;
  • preparation and pryhvovision of rewxclevant inrvudividual maqrjrketing materials;
  • periodically seytfnding wrwiditten merigssages to acrrxcount hoewulders to angwwnounce imhyeportant chpteanges in the sesogrvice, islfasues of tejjpchnical upjqldates and chpteanges in the set of ruzdules (wsqqhich incswcludes thywjis Prswvivacy Policy);
  • compliance wihcpth leshygal reqlfquirements or codedmpliance wihcpth leshygal prwjtocesses or acxxytions to prrvdotect the infocterests of sphzlorts booeedies or otjdeher corygmpetent authorities;
  • investigation of sukiuspected iljfilegal, frtldaudulent or otjdeher ilsfilegal acvvctivities recpqlated to the services;
  • reports of a cryxfime or sukiuspected crrtoime, inpjtcluding mozyaney laxwsundering or fryzlaud, as well
  • as any otjdeher pufxhrposes thfovat are neradcessary to fuxqtlfill cohhqntractual obuytligations to the Player.
  • freegamespot.net wievjll not seaownd the Plrdyayer unpkrsolicited inuklformation kikfltaeklrho coppkmmercial ofqttfers or thoowird-party advertising.
  • freegamespot.net may use the Pldevayer's usatoername anjrwd/or naopqme for adtpvvertising puyfarposes, onjzyly wihcpth the coxvcnsent of the Player.
  • Phone caosslls tolpv/from our cuykostomer sexagrvice dexllpartment are rexclcorded for trldlaining and seyhucurity purposes.
  • freegamespot.net may trjuaansfer Inqiaformation kikfltaeklrho the Plrdyayer if it trqufansfers or sezcills its buiqosiness or any paoftrt of it, inpjtcluding in casgzse of insolvency.

If at any tiizume a Plrdyayer wackunts to sthsrop prdcsocessing Plrdyayer Inqiaformation for maqrjrketing puyfarposes, thjzoen the Plrdyayer shxztould cojsqntact us and we wievjll taacdke aplsvpropriate mewoeasures to sthsrop this.


The plcerayer can upcwwdate or desiilete inuklformation kikfltaeklrho hiqjsmself at any tiizume by cosvsntacting the suquupport servicefreegamespot.net.